Community Surgery Center of Glendale

Surgey Center Address

5700 San Fernando Road
Glendale, CA
Phone:(818) 637-7766

Our Specialities

Our Mission

Delivering high quality outpatient surgery in a safe, sanitary and cost effective manner.

Our Vision

To be community's first choice for outpatient surgery and physicians preferred partner of choice.

Night Before Surgery

Do and Dont's on the Night Before Surgery

What you can Do!


  • You can eat a normal meal on the night before your surgery.

  • Your stomach needs to be completely empty so as to avoid any risk of aspiration (stomach fluid backing up into your lungs during your surgery).

  • You may bathe or take a shower on the morning of your surgery. Wash from your neck down with an anti-bacterial soap

What you should not Do!


  • Do not eat or drink or chew anything after 12 o'clock midnight. This includes gum, mints and water.